Tutorial by Jenny Cox

Published June 18, 2007



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Granny Smith clay (Sculpey III)
Nutmeg Brown paint (Apple Barrel Color PLAID)
clay dedicated cheese grater
q-tip or paint brush
paper plate


Step 1

Condition clay, form into a ball and place in freezer to cool.

Step 2

Grate cooled ball of clay onto paper plate.

Step 3

Take a little brown paint and cover portions of the shredded clay. It is not important to get it all over the clay. Let dry

Step 4

Take the shredded clay and form into a ball. Keep rolling the ball in your hands so the clay sticks together.

Step 5

Form into whatever shape you like for bead. You can either add holes now or drill them after it is baked.

Bake as instructed on package. Let cool.

Step 6

It is important to sand these beads. You want to get the brown paint off the surface of the bead. Once you do this you can see the veining better.

Sand bead with different grits of sand paper. I start with a 600 and work my way to 2000. Buff to a shine.

Variations/Final Thoughts

You have just made your first piece of Faux Gaspeite!

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