by Sue Heaser

Softcover Book (Sterling Publications, 1997)
Found on the Dolls and Miniatures bookshelf

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Making Dolls House Miniatures With Polymer Clay


Do you think making furniture for a doll's house is too complicated? Not at all--when you're working with polymer clay. This marvelous and versatile material easily simulates a variety of textures, including stained glass, wooden furniture, marbled tables, and more, and hardens in an ordinary oven. So, go ahead and decorate, with this definitive guide to manufacturers, tools, safety, and crafting. Fill the kitchen with tiny vegetables, utensils, and appliances, and the living room with a mantelpiece clock, bookshelf and Tiffany lamp. Serve dinner in the dining room, and build a bedroom so cozy you'll want to live there yourself! There's not a domestic detail you won't find, from the kitchen sink to a potted plant!


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