by Wendy Mullin

Spiral-Bound Book (Bulfinch, 2006)
Found on the Sewing bookshelf

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Sew U


Like knitting before it, sewing is being reclaimed by a new generation; one that is tired of poor quality and bored by homogeneous design. Indie fashion designer Wendy Mullin, of Built by Wendy, teaches the creatively inclined and ultra-stylish how to make the perfect skirt, shirt, and pants. She gives readers everything they need to know to begin sewing and provides step-by-step instructions and patterns directly from her studio. She explains how to customize everything from the fit to the pockets so readers can create a thousand different looks using the same three basic patterns. These ideas will inspire readers to rethink and revamp their old clothes to make unique, custom fashions. For those who find themselves brimming with ideas, but unable to make everything themselves, Wendy also offers guidance on how to work with a tailor. Includes three Simplicity pattterns.


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