by Maggie Malone

Softcover Book (Sterling Publications, 2004)
Found on the General Crafts bookshelf

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5,500 Quilt Block Designs


This is the quilter’s bible, a never-ending source of inspiration. With 5,500 blocks to copy, adapt, and combine in countless ways, no quilter will ever have to run out of patterns. Each is drawn on a grid, showing the number of squares to the block. It easy to mix-and-match, because they will all draft to the same size. The dazzling choices include a Premium Star, Double Pyramid, Strips and Squares, Farmer’s Puzzle, Sunburst, Beggar’s Blocks, and thousands more.

Polymer clay enthusiasts looking to make quilt canes will find this an invaluable resource. Use a clay gun to extrude squares and triangles in a multitude of colors that can be assembled according to the patterns in this book.


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