by Susanna Oroyan

Softcover Book (C&T Publishing, 2001)
Found on the Dolls and Miniatures bookshelf

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Finishing the Figure


Brilliant doll artist Susanna Oroyan taught us to create figures with depth and imagination; now she focuses on designing their presentation--costume, accessories, furnishings, and embellishments.
- Covers everything from pattern drafting and basics of costuming to settings, photography, and beyond
- Over 300 beautiful color photos of dolls from the worldÆs top doll artists
- Learn how to use elements of design to enhance your figureÆs presentation and reflect your own style
- Detailed instructions and illustrations, plus SusannaÆs insightful tips accompany each phase of the process
- Susanna shares her knowledge, then gives you the courage to experiment, expand, and create new techniques of your own!


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