by Katherine Duncan Aimone

Hardcover Book (Lark Books, 2006)
Found on the Polymer Clay bookshelf

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Polymer Clay HARDCOVER


Rarely has a volume featured so much pioneering work! With the latest translucent, metallic, and liquid polymers added to their arsenal, jewelry artists have pushed beyond the craft’s traditional boundaries and entered new creative worlds.

This collection of exquisite contemporary jewelry showcases that progress, offering inventive techniques, insights from contemporary creators, and eye-opening pieces by the premier innovators in polymer clay. With projects from well-known artists such as Lindly Haunani, Louise Fischer Cozzi and Judith Skinner, there is no shortage of inspiration.

And that’s just the start! Jennifer Bezingue, Leslie Blackford, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Jacqueline Lee, Wendy Wallin Malinow, Sandra McCaw, Mari O'Dell, Pier & Penina, Stephanie Jones Rubiano, SL Savarick and Julia Converse Sober also contribute projects. All the pieces appear in beautiful color images, accompanied by the artists’ design tips and illuminating commentary.


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