by Irene Semanchuk Dean

Softcover Book (Lark Books, 2005)
Found on the Polymer Clay bookshelf

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Faux Surfaces in Polymer Clay


New in paperback: The colors, textures, and versatility of polymer clay make it a perfect medium for creating faux surfaces. These 30 recipes for special finishing, shaping, baking, and molding techniques will magically transform polymer's appearance. Craft gorgeous faux gemstones, including tiger eye, jade, or malachite. Fool the eye with imitation metals: pewter, Balinese silver, verdigris copper, even rusted steel. The must-have naturals are here, from bone to leather. Or make simulated agate, slate, or marble. You'll find information on all the types of polymer clay, from translucent ones to some with mica powder, and see how to use paints, inks, wax compounds, and confetti to enhance the surface. Among the unusual projects: a handsome makeup set, lapis lazuli drawer pulls, Opal Earrings, and more.


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