by Linda Peterson

Softcover Book (Cico, 2008)
Found on the Polymer Clay bookshelf

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How to Make Polymer Clay Beads


Hand-made jewelry is always in fashion. So why not start from scratch and make your own beads? This beautifully illustrated book, packed with clear step-by-step instructions, will show you how to create stylish and individual pieces—and to embellish all sorts of accessories, including belts, bags, and home décor. Using polymer clay, discover how to use free-form techniques and bead-rolling tools to create eye-catching styles. Unusual shapes, sculpted effects, simulations of semi-precious stones, photo-image transfers and using glitter and organic material mean the beads you make will be unique. Create professional-looking beads in no time.
  • Beginners and more advanced practitioners alike will find both practical advice and inspiration. Detailed step-by-step photographs show exactly what to do to make stunning jewelry.
  • Incorporate a whole variety of mixed mediums to enhance the look of your beads.


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