by Regina Edmonds

DVD (Regina Edmonds, 2006)
Found on the Dolls and Miniatures bookshelf

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Learn the following:

How to mix and leech polymer clays for greater manageability and the elimination of "moonies"
How to clean and use your push mold.
How to fill the mold and methods of part removal
How to clean the body parts and how to assemble and pose into a fairy doll
How to sand and paint the dolls using acrylic paints
How to paint the eyes evenly
How to make little baby "wiglettes" along with a demonstration on how to tie teeny tiny bows into their hair.
How to make colorful butterfly wings from computer labels
As well as a little inspirational walk through a pictorial fairy garden to get your creative juices flowing.

A coupon is enclosed if you wish to purchase a baby fairy mold and supply kit from the author.


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