by Donna Henricks and Judy Otto and Marge Shapler

Black & White Project Book (Dees Delights, 1984)
Found on the Dolls and Miniatures bookshelf

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Learn how flowers and flower arranging were a major part of the dTcor and furnishings, social history, and decorative design of the following periods: Louis XIV, Oriental, Georgian, Colonial, Victorian, Contemporary. Create floral arrangements appropriate for those time periods using a variety of materials including: Crepe paper, Fimo, Quill paper, Rice paper, Landscaping materials, Wax. ALSO, follow complete step-by-step instructions and diagrams to make such arrangements as : Bonsai tree, Wax flowers under dome, Tulpis in delft tile, West Point urns, Tussie mussie, Cactus garden.


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