by Lisa Pavelka

DVD (Page Sage, 2006)
Found on the Polymer Clay bookshelf

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PageSage presents a creative journey with Lisa Pavelka. You've seen Lisa's gorgeous artwork in several books and magazines. You've seen her many guest appearances on television. You may have seen her at retreats and conventions. Now her innovative techniques are on DVD.

Clay Basics
Treasured Tools
Faux Art Glass
Business Card Holder
Dream Purse Pen
Transformed Tins
Hinged Pillow Bead Amulet

This DVD is packed with projects, tips, and ideas. Lisa uses a few tools and her imagination to create a variety of treasures, from incredible pendants to amazing covered ballpoint pens. Let Lisa show you a host of cool polymer clay techniques, from the Skinner blend and the Sutton slice to a few techniques of her own. Grab your clay and get ready to play.

The gallery is overflowing with sample artwork - something you should expect in an artistic DVD. The gallery is also an interactive tool. When you see something that inspires you, you are able to go directly to the technique to create it. Gallery photos are crystal clear with many close-ups showing every detail.


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