by Jodi Creager and Richard Creager and Marsha Taylor-Winn and Cheryl Riello and Barbara Meadows and Marianne Reitsma and Michelle Newman and Susan Degeneres

Magazine (Stampington & Company, 2006)
Found on the Dolls and Miniatures bookshelf

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This full-color, 144-page publication is dedicated to the art doll. While the focus of the magazine is on cloth dolls, dolls of mixed and new media (including polymer clay) are also included. For the beginner, a "Polymer Clay Basics" page can be found in each issue. Of particular interest to clay artists in the issue:

"Doll Artist Profile: Jodi and RIchard Creager"
"Celebrity Lookalike Dolls: Queen Latifah" by Marsha Taylor-Winn
"Celebrity Lookalike Dolls: Bonanza Cowboys" by Cheryl Riello
"Celebrity Lookalike Dolls: Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter" by Barbara Meadows
"Wire Inspire Dolls" by Marianne Reitsma
"Scarecrow Stick Dolls: Instant Art!" by Michelle Newman
"Betony Figwort & Slick" by Susan Degeneres
"Show & Tell" where readers share their dolls


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