by Sarajane Helm and Patty Barnes and Lisa Pavelka

Magazine (Stampington & Company, 2006)
Found on the Wearable Art bookshelf

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French for "beautiful wardrobe," Belle Armoire marries fabric arts with rubber stamping and embellishments showcasing one-of-a-kind, handmade fashions and wearable-art projects. Whether you're an art stamper, embroidery artist, custom jewelry designer, fabric painter or knitting and crocheting enthusiast, Belle Armoire provides the opportunity and inspiration to create fashions that are uniquely you. This is a classy, artistic publication that is a favorite of many polymer clay enthusiasts, and even includes a regular "Polymer Clay Basics" section for newcomers and a column entitled "The Professional Artist" by polymer clay artist Sarajane Helm.

Of particular interest to clay enthusiasts in this issue:

"The Professional Artist: Organizing a Class" by Sarajane Helm
"Faux Baubles to Fool the Eye" by Patty Barnes
"Swirl Club Purse" by Lisa Pavelka
"Salon" where readers share their wearable art.


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