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Abbott, Gail
Abel, Vesta and holt, syndee and Bernstein, Linda and Segal, Marie and McGuire, Barbara
Abel, Vesta and holt, syndee and Kimle, Patricia and Everse, Lea
Aimone, Katherine Duncan
Akar, Azade
Albano, Bridget
Alibert, Christine and Muronaka, Cassy
Alibert-Mas, Christine
Allen, Jamey D.
Altshuler, Roberta and Gibson, Gwen
Anderson, Deborah and Belonogoff, Toni and Fukushima, Emi and Korringa, Kim and McCrorey, Desiree
Anderson, Deborah, and Ransfield, Toni and Heppner, Carol and D'Ambrosio, Laurie and VanBeek, Janice and Welker, Bettina and Hess, Linda and Pavelka, Lisa and Lurhs, Cynthia and Rufener, Shirley
Arzalier, Sophie
Atkinson, Kiva


Bailey, Leslie and Lampshire, Shelly and Roos-Huddleston, Yoka and Jacks, Judy and Kilgo, Rennie and Pauli, Nancy and LaBrosse, Colleen
Baker, Ginny
Bananto, Nanetta
Banker, Susan M.
Barnes, Lexie
Barnes, Patty and Friesen, Christi and Kimle, Patricia
Barrow-Belisle, Michele
Bayles, David and Orland, Ted
Beacham, Millie
Behnen, Anita and Comiskey, Shelly
Belcher, Judy
Belcher, Judy and Blackford, Leslie and Cavender, Kim and Kato, Donna and Tlach, Debbie
Belcher, Judy and Honaman, Tamara
Beljan, Cindy
Benedict, Lydia and Atkinson, Kiva and Cary, Karen and Yinger, Jan
Bennett, Barbara
Benzon, Jana Roberts
Benzon, Jana Roberts and Helm, Sarajane
Berkowitz, Susan
Berkowitz, Susan and Lenderman, Tonja and Muronaka, Cassy
Berkowitz, Susan and Muronaka, Cassy and Norden, Inga
Bernstein, Julia
Bernstein, Linda
Berthold-Bond, Annie
Better Homes and Gardens
Betty Crocker
Bevilacqua, Jo
Bierer, Ilysa
Bipces, Anne
Bishel, Jody
Black Dog Publishing
Blackburn, Carol
Boerens, Trice
Bohme, Brigitte
Bolgar, Pat and Dunn, Judy and Alibert, Christine and Barnes, Patty and Gugeler, Tina and Harris, Cheryl and Pavelka, Lisa and Lind, Mary and Duhamel, Louise and Eash, Wanda M. and Luhrs, Cynthia
Bolgar, Pat and Helm, Sarajane and holt, syndee
Brady, Marlene and Ivester, Suzanne and Leder, Eve and Harrison, Arlene and Zhao, Jane and Davis, Sandra and Rufener, Shirley
Breil, Helen
Briggs, Barbara
Broadwood, Fiona and Johnson, Richard and Palesch, Sandra Keller and Atkinson, Kiva
Brown, Carryl and Helm, Sarajane
Brown, Lori Garrett
Brown, Suzi and Helm, Sarajane
Browning, Marie
Buesseler, Mike
Burkhardt, Joshua
Butler, Amy
Byrn, Anne


Caesar, Anne and Lesbirel, Ruth Flewelling
Calef, Linda
Campbell, Heather and Orlowski, Wendy and Lewis (aka Klew), Karen and Herren, Michelle and Dukic, Jeannie K. and Schiller, Laura
Carlson, Maureen
Carlson, Maureen and Sherman, Christy and Calhoun, Debra and Lade, McCartney and Gibson, Gwen and Van Son, Ria and Passy-Yip, Regina and Del Pinto, Maria and Breil, Helen
Carlton, Debbie
Carren, Rachel
Carrington, James
Cavender, Kim
Celusta, Cindy
Cerchione-Peltier, Chandra
Chapman, Suzanne E.
Cheramy-Debray, Isabelle
Christina Strutt
Cipriano, Sharon
Cipriano, Sharon and Schaefer-Parr, Michele and Sadowski, Carolyn and Miller, Sharilyn and Celaya, Cory and Listenberger, Carol and Stowell, Holly
Cipriano, Sharon V.
Claridge, Kathy
Clarke, Lisa
Clements, Jerilyn
Codina, Charles
Cohen, Elizabeth Wolf
Comiskey, Shelly
Comiskey, Shelly and Welsh Peterson, Linda and Behnen, Anita
Cooking Light
Courtney, Donna and Duhamel, Louise and Rojas, Rosie and Warner, Denise Marie
Cox, Jenny
Cox, Patty
Cozzi, Louise Fischer and Robinson, Kellie and Okdie, Consuelo and Vernall, Alan and Sawicki, Mark and Frankenburg, Marla and Landt, Elizabeth and Aquino, Tony and Van Hemert, Lauren and Mitchell, Ann and Mitchell, Karen
Crawford, Kris
Crawley, Amy A.
Crawley, Amy A. and Dunn, Judy and Shemesh, Arbel and Hall, Macy
Creager, Jodi and Creager, Richard and Taylor-Winn, Marsha and Riello, Cheryl and Meadows, Barbara and Reitsma, Marianne and Newman, Michelle and Degeneres, Susan
Creager, Jodi and Richard
Crosby, Lisa Forbes
Crossan, Margene
Curran, Beth and Dukic, Jeannie K. and Friedland, Anke and Ottenbreit, Karen and Knopic, Marilyn Ray and Frum, Elizabeth and Herren, Michelle and Lecomte, Laurie
Czechowski, Terry Lee


D'Ambrosio, Laurie and Roselli, Heather and Inkadinkado and Porter, Charlaine and Ritchey, Gail
Dancik, Robert
Dancik, Robert and Friesen, Christi and Russell, Kelly
Davis, Kathy and Mowat, Kellie and Mowat, Jodi and Orlowski, Wendy and Ford, Ginny and Fisk, Lynette and Sirott-Cope, Alene and Benedict, Pat
Davis, Lorrene and Cazabat, Christelle and Hess, Linda and Cavender, Kim and Sawicki, Mark and McDill, Layl and Perry, Karen and Musetti, Katerina and Gose, Kathi and Anderson, Debbie and Colwell, Sandi and Therien, C. A. and Schnoor, Susan
Dawn, Amber and Ajates, Fabiola Perez and Overdijk, Anja and Tallon, Melody and Kims, Candy and D`Uva, Daniela and Grebennikova, Gallina and Breil, Helen and Airoldi, Maria and Wagner, Simone and Donker, Marjon and Veltenaar, Saskia and Dembinski, Chris and Blackburn, Carol and Greenberg, Donna and Weltman, Ronna Sarvas
Dean, Irene Semanchuk
Deaton, Debie and Collins, Penny
DenHartog, Francesca
Descalu, Yonat
Determan, Cecilia
Determan, Cecilia and Miller, Joan and Tatone, Kerrie
Dever, Jeffrey Lloyd and East, Pam and Levy, Jane
Dewey, Katherine
Dierks, Leslie
Diffendaffer, Grant
Dillehay, James
Dinneen, Debbie and Klawitter, Judith
Dinsdale, Emily
Dolkhani, Shohreh
Donaldson, Connie and Croyder, Joanie and Villano, Diane and Norden, Inga and Nagel, Charles and Clarke, Lisa and Anderson, Deborah and Therien, C.A. and Ritchey, Gail and Del Pinto, Maria and Sernyk, Pat and Pavelka, Lisa
Dore, Gustave
Doroshow, Dayle
Doroshow, Dayle and Roberts, Michele Emerson and Van Buskirk, Tracy
Dover Publications
Dueweke, Pamela
Dugan, Angela and Murphy, Carol and Morell, Anne
Duhamel, Louise
Dummer, Kathy Shield and Fisk, Lynette and Palumb, Jill Yvonne and J, Pamela and Hodgens, Trish and Ransfield, Toni and Dukic, Jeannie
Dunham, Susan
Dupouy, Cris
Durant, Judith
Dustin, Kathleen
Dustin, Kathleen and Mills, Libby and Holden, Tina and Harden-Martin, Stephania and Johnston, Jack and Pavelka, Lisa and Polinko, Les and Otterbein, Kim
Duvall, Carol
Dyck, Mary Anne


Eakes, Julie
Eberhard Faber
Eccleson, Jacqui
Ediger, Jeanne
Edmonds, Regina
Egan, Anne
Enciso, Jorge
Erickson, Jill L. and Cole, Sara Jayne and Cook, Vicki
Evertson, Sandra and Lappan, Suzanne and McMillan, Dotty
Ewy, Jana


Fago, Celie
Fajardo, Barbara
Falick, Melanie
Farris, Janet
Felts, Barbara
Ferrill, Judy
Filion, Adria
Fischer Cozzi, Louise
Flook, Evelyn Lenz
Ford, Steven and Dierks, Leslie
Ford, Steven and Forlano, David
Frankenberg, Marla
Franklin, Bonnie
Freeman-Zachery, Rice
French, Lynne
Frey, Sherian
Friesen, Christi
Friesen, Christi and Gross, Hallie and Berkowitz, Susan
Friesen, Christi and Kimle, Patricia
Fry Kenzle, Linda


Galvin, Lisa
Garten, Ina
Gaudette, Roberta
Geisel, EllynAnne
Gibson, Gwen
Gikow, Jacqueline
Gilchrist, Paige
Gluck, Chris and Fox, E. Wayne and Frantz, Delores and Harrison, Mary and holt, syndee and Pavelka, Lisa and Richards, Kris
Gooseberry Patch
Goshon, Sherry and Bernard, Jean and Erbsland, Caroline and Bailey, Leslie and Borglum, Sandy
Grace, Chrissie
Grafton, Carol Belanger
Greynolds, Dorothy and Rentmeester-van Goeije, Mandy and Herren, Michelle and Donaldson, Connie and Rufener, Shirley and El Fahdi, Colette and Aleo, Martha and Vernall, Alan
Gyldenege, Peg and Friesen, Christi and Couch, Penni Jo and Therien, C. A. and Muronaka, Cassy and Russell, Kelly and Hess, Linda


Haab, Sherri
Haab, Sherri and Haab, Rachel and Haab, Michelle
Haab, Sherri and Mika, Laurie
Hacker, Katie and Maloney, Mary Lynn
Halverson, Kathy
Hanes, Pat
Harkless, Alisa
Harrison, Mary
Hart, Lora and Breil, Helen
Hart, Lora and Perry, Karen and Segal, Marie and holt, syndee and Powers, Heather
Harvey, Dorothy
Haunani, Lindly
Haunani, Lindly and Brown-Ashcroft, Pierette
Haunani, Lindly and Crispin, Angela
Haunani, Lindly and Maggio, Maggie
Haupin, Judy
Heaser, Sue
Hefferton, Amberley
Helm, Sarajane
Helm, Sarajane and Aldridge, Jo
Helm, Sarajane and Barnes, Patty and Pavelka, Lisa
Helm, Sarajane and Evans, Sally and Pavelka, Lisa
Helm, Sarajane and Green, Marilyn and Cozzi, Louise Fischer
Helm, Sarajane and holt, syndee
Helm, Sarajane and Kato, Donna
Helm, Sarajane and Kimle, Patricia
Helm, Sarajane and McMillan, Dotty
Helm, Sarajane and McMillan, Dotty and Shriver, Sarah
Helm, Sarajane and Miyai, Kazuko
Helm, Sarajane and Monk, Patsy
Helm, Sarajane and Muronaka, Cassy
Henricks, Donna and Otto, Judy and Shapler, Marge
Hensperger, Beth
Hensperger, Beth and Kaufmann, Julie
Herson, Marcia and Kato, Donna and Kimle, Patricia and Weaver, Kathy
Hess, Linda and Helm, Sarajane
Heywood, Birdy
Hite, Mary Margaret
Hodgens, Trish
Hoffman, Mable
Hoivik, Lavonne
Holbrook, Deborah
Holden, Tina and Lingo, Dulaney and Dean, Irene Semanchuk and Schick, Arlene and Alibert, Christine and Walter, Susan and Pavelka, Lisa and Zhao, Jane and Anderson, Deborah and Clarke, Neil
Holler, Janis and Hoerner, Nancy
holt, syndee
holt, syndee and Abel, Vesta and Hamilton, Nicole and Owens, Nina and Viktoria, Sherry
holt, syndee and Abel, Vesta and Ritchey, Gail and Ross, Judy
holt, syndee and Berkowitz, Susan
holt, syndee and Berkowitz, Susan and Ritchey, Gail and McGuire, Barbara
holt, syndee and Boquist, Kathleen and Spencer, Judy M.
holt, syndee and Capp, Phyllis and Bishel, Jody and Pavelka, Lisa and Ritchey, Gail and Anderson, Deborah
holt, syndee and De Porres, Daphne
holt, syndee and Hare-Bogdahn, Carolyn D. and Mitchell, Karen and Mitchell, Ann and Abel, Vesta and Ross, Judy
holt, syndee and Johnston, Cathy and Villano, Diane
holt, syndee and Kammerer, Vickie and Muronaka, Cassy and Shackelford, Allene
holt, syndee and Kimle, Patricia
holt, syndee and Kuborssy, Johnny and Walter, Susan and Mitchell, Ann and Mitchell, Karen
holt, syndee and Lade, McCartney and Rubin, Larry and Osmundsen, Pat and Ritchey, Gail and Wiley, Robert and Landt, Elizabeth and Haxton, Colin and Walter, Susan and Rufener, Shirley and Wise, Julie and Sawicki, Mark
holt, syndee and Marshall, Ellen
holt, syndee and Mitchell, Ann and Mitchell, Karen and Segal, Marie and Daurin-Raynaud, Nathalie
holt, syndee and Muronaka, Cassy and Berkowitz, Susan
holt, syndee and Pavelka, Lisa and Lotzer, Nancy
holt, syndee and Richards, Kris
holt, syndee and Richards, Kris and Abel, Vesta and Cavendar, Kim
holt, syndee and Ritchey, Gail and Kimle, Patricia and Browning, Marie
holt, syndee and Segal, Marie
holt, syndee and Segal, Marie and Ames-Owens, Claudia and Wesolek, Jessica
holt, syndee and Templeman, Kaye and Day, Diane and Fredrickson, Alisha and Bailey, Glenda and Ritchey, Gail and Segal, Marie
holt, syndee and Topina, Eugena and Benzon, Jana Roberts and Vellani, Tia
Holtz, Tim
Horner, Anna Maria
Hoverson, Joelle
Hughes, Tory
Hughes, Victoria (Tory)
Humpert, Anke and Weller, Martina


Igou, Anne
Ilasco, Meg Mateo


Jackson, Crystal and Lappan, Suzanne and Osborne, Susan
Jackson, Debbie
Jan-McMahon, Twink
Jansdotter, Lotta
Javier, Nancy and Finwall, Barbara and Clements, Jeri
Jessop, Carol and Sekora, Chaila
Joelle Hoverson
Johengen, Carl and Harper, Faith and Peyrat, Claudine and Fajardo, Barbara and Aldridge, Jo and Hess, Linda and Lewis, Karen aka Klew and Maitra, Tomara and Del Pinto, Maria and Cipriani, Sharon and Villano, Diane
Johnston, Jack


Kahn, Sherrill and Helm, Sarajane
Kaliski, Mary
Kandray, Jeanette and Minnis, Christy and Aleo, Martha and Quarles, Dianne Hayes and Ulrich, Nancy and Davidson, Stacy L. and Walker, Hilda and Jenkins, Mary and Prophater, Laurie
Karol, Amy
Kat Kastle
Kato, Donna
Kato, Donna and Belcher, Judy and Cavender, Kim and Blackford, Leslie and Johnston, Cathy and Kelsey, Sue and Lewis, Karen and Del Pinto, Maria and Ritchey, Gail
Kato, Donna and Fukushima, Emi and Chen, Ting Yao
Kato, Donna and Gibson, Gwen and Weaver, Kathy and Cozzi, Louise Fischer and Helm, Sarajane
Kato, Donna and Helm, Sarajane and Musetti, Katerina and Gibson, Gwen and Fago, Celie
Kato, Donna and Richards, Kris
Kawaguchi, Noriko
Ketzel, Randee M and Moreau-Berry, Jessica and Prophater, Laurie and Wilkes, Lori and Duhamel, Louise
Kidd, Addie
Kievlan, Jean and Kievlan, Laura
Kievlan, Jean and Maddigan, Judi
Kilby, Janice
Kimle, Patricia
Kimle, Patricia and Berkowitz, Susan
Kimle, Patricia and Friesen, Christi and Friesen, Lexi
Kimle, Patricia and Harkess, Alisa and Ritchey, Gail and Oswald, Edie and Oswald, Lydia
Kimle, Patricia and holt, syndee and Jankowicz, Sharon and Jankowicz, Kristin
Kingsolver, Barbara
Kivett, Scott
Koranek, Amy
Krakov, David
Krucke, Lynn and Kato, Donna and Roselli, Heather and Bergmann, Lori and holt, syndee
Kruglak, Ann and Rufener, Shirley and Clark, Maria and Mitchell, Ann and Mitchell, Karen and Canuel, Kathy and Mabray, Angela
Kummli, Heidi


LaFerla, Jane
Lam, Loretta
Lampshire, Shelly
Landt, Elizabeth and Anderson, Deborah and Frankenburg, Marla and Ankerman, Judy and Therien, C. A. and Geer, Linda P. and Carlson, Maureen and Ritchey, Gail and Holden, Tina and Zinanni, Dominic
Lareau, Vicki
Lasky, Kim
Lavigueur, Dominique and Solly, Sharon and Gapenne, Eliza and Cavender, Kim and Buckley, Pat and Polinko, Les and Pitcher, Janet and Garner, Tammy and Brown, Keith
Layman, Denise
Lee, Jacqueline and Colcord, Rhonda and Bonham, Mags and Anderson, Deborah and Aquino, Tony and Sherman, Christy and Harris, Cheryl and Doroshow, Dayle and Johengen, Carl and Perry, Karen and MacIsaac, Laurie
Lehner, Ernst
Lehner, Ernst and Lehner, Johanna
Leisure Arts
Lenderman, Tonja
Lenderman, Tonja and Bernstein, Linda and Callahan, Tracy and Segal, Marie and Owens, Francie and Sadowski, Carolyn and Szadziuk, Maria and Heppner, Carol and Prince, Karen and Platner, Bonnie and Owens, Nina and Schiek, Arlene and Dougan, Shirley
Lesbirel, Ruth Flewelling
Lesbirel, Ruth Flewelling and Poitras, Ellen
Leshner, Leigh
Levy, Jane and East, Pam
Lewis, Karen aka Klew
Lokke, Don
Lonero, Christina
Lott, Michelle
Louise, Wendy
Lyons, Sylvia


Mabray, Angela
Mabray, Angela and Otterbein, Kim
Maguire, Mary
Malone, Christopher and Reimer, Nina Ayin and Morelock, Inessa Kazaryan
Malone, Maggie
Marshall, Ellen
Marshall, Ellen and Therien, C. A. and Behrens, Laurinda and Clarke, Lisa and Pitcher, Janet and Steindorf, Kelly and Deming, Jennifer and Chasteen, John and Barton, D. D. and Segal, Marie and McGuire, Barbara and Skinner, Judith and Eaddy, Susan and Gregson, Kathy
Marshall, Ellen and Tilov, Dinko and Sargent, Georgia and Fago, Celie and McRee, Livia
Maselli, Ann
McCall, Sandra
McCaw, Sandra
McCreight, Tim
McGuire, Barbara
McGuire, Barbara and Helm, Sarajane
McGuire, Barbara and Leder, Eve and Orlowski, Wendy and Doddo, Darnell and Mowat, Kellie and Schiller, Laura J.
McGuire, Barbara and Pavelka, Lisa
McGuire, Barbara and Roche, Nan and Gibson, Gwen and Doroshow, Dayle
McMillan, Dotty
McNeill, Suzanne
McRee, Livia
Meltzer, Steve
Menges, Jeff A.
Meverden, Becky
Meyer, Barbara
Meyer, Marlis
Michlitsch, Kathryn
Mickler, Ernest Matthew
Miech, Irina
Mika, Laurie
Miller, Joan
Miller, Sharilyn
Mills, Susan Winter
Milne, Robin
Mirow, Gregory
Miscellaneous Contributors
Mitchell, Ann & Karen
Mitchell, Ann and Mitchell, Karen and Ivester, Suzanne and Karina, Cat and Callahan, Tracy and Mowat, Kellie and Mabray, Angela and McMillan, Dotty and Clipp, Joan and Brady, Marlene
Mitchell, Barbara
Mitchell, Karen and Mitchell, Ann
Mitchell, Karen and Mitchell, Ann and Nichols, Carissa and Kruglak, Ann and Topina, Eugena and Weers, Judi and Brooner, Deb and Barnes, Patty
Miyai, Kazuko and Fowler-Farrell, Amy and French, Stacy and Hess, Linda and Apple, Linda
Miyai, Yukiko
Mizushima, Nana V
Morgan, Stacey
Mornu, Nathalie
Mowat, Kellie and Ford, Ginny and Weers, Judi and Samara, Julie and Brady, Marlene and Canuel, Kathy and Palumbo, Jill and Clipp, Joan
Mullin, Wendy
Mumaw, Stefan and Oldfield, Wendy Lee
Muronaka, Cassie and Competante, Olivia and Competente, Dina and Anderson, Deborah and Finlay, Tara Manning and Lee, Colleen and Witherell, Catherine and Barnes, Patty and Bebi, Lisa and Pavelka, Lisa and Peterson, Linda
Muronaka, Cassy
Muronaka, Cassy and Berkowitz, Susan
Muronaka, Cassy and Choy, Bev
Muronaka, Cassy and Lavin, Cyndi and Berkowitz, Susan
Muronaka, Cassy and Lenderman, Tonja
Muronaka, Cassy and Perry, Karen
Muronaka, Cassy and Rodgers, Carole and Berkowitz, Susan
Musante, Lynda and Kimle, Patricia
Musetti, Katerina


Nagumo, Rie
National Polymer Clay Guild
National Polymer Clay Guild and Winters, Elise
Neal, Moira
Nemanich, Cheryl and Krucke, Lynn and holt, syndee and Richards, Kris and Segal, Marie and Martin, Kathy and Heppner, Carol and Cox, Babette
Noble, Marty
Noble, Marty and Gottesman, Eric
Norris, Kathy


O'Dell, Mari
O'Heron, Gina
Okey, Shannon
Olson, Esther
Oppenheimer, Betty
Orban-Szontagh, Madeleine
Oroyan, Susanna
Osmundsen, Pat
Otterbein, Kim
Overmyer, Nancy
Overton, Nancy and Maddigan, Judi
Owens, Nina


Page, Gloria
Page, Gloria and Roselli, Heather
Page, Gloria and Willard, Jennifer and Hoerner, Nancy and Rojas, Rosie and Wiatt, Carolyn
Palmer, Athelene and Cole, Diana
Palmer, Marcia and Davis, Lynn and Martinez, Maria and Cole, Sarah Jayne and Collins, Tish and Anderson, Christi and Chapman, Ingrid and Wilkes, Lori and Rockwell, Jill
Pam Scheunemann
Pape, Mary Ann
Partain, Jessica and Partain, Susan
Paulson, Alicia
Pavelka, Lisa
Pavelka, Lisa and Arnold, Jessie and Ingham, Allison
Pavelka, Lisa and Kato, Donna
Pavelka, Lisa and Rufener, Shirley and Hess, Linda and Geisen, Jan and Mowat, Kellie
Peifer-Kamide, Cindy
Pelkey, Connie
Peters, Dana and Friesen, Christi
Peterson, Linda
Peterson, Linda and Kimle, Patricia and Reihart, Sharon M.
Peterson, Linda and Welsh, Mariah
Phelps, Isela
Picarello, Julie
Picarello, Julie and Williams, Trina and Wyland-Malchow, Helen and Halliday, Debbie and Leder, Eve and Mitchell, Karen and Mitchell, Ann and Ivester, Suzanne
Piccolo, Elle
Polka Dot Creations
Pompa, Joan A.
Pont, Carla
Prophater, Laurie and Shenise, Jacqueline and Otterbein, Kim and Rufener, Shirley and Robertson, Lorraine and Friesen, Christi and Crocco, Linda and Ivester, Suzanne and Johnston, Cathy and holt, syndee
Publications International, Ltd


Quast, Barbara


Ralph, Emma
Rannels, Melissa and Alvarado, Melissa and Meng, Hope
Ranney, Nancy
Ray, Susan
Rees, Simon Raw and Kelly, Mick
Rehm, Karla and Barham, Keely
Resta, Monica
Richards, Kris
Riepl, Connie
Ritchey, Gail
Ritchey, Gail and Bergmann, Lori and Kimle, Patricia and Gilbert, Paula K.
Ritchey, Gail and Kimle, Patricia
Robinson, Kellie and Aquino, Tony and Yamamoto, Karen and Krucke, Lynn and Rufener, Shirley and Ralph, Emma and Meverden, Becky and Zinanni, Dominic and Dean, Irene and Sober, Julia and Patterson, Jennifer and Greynolds, Dorothy and Therien, C. A. and Holden, Tina.
Robinson, Kellie and Kimle, Patricia
Roche, Nan
Ross, Heather
Ross, Judy
Ross, Rosa Lo San
Roulston, Jane
Routhier, Nicole
Rowland, Gina
Rubiano, Stephanie Jones and Brooks, Becky
Rufener, Shirley
Rufener, Shirley and Frankenburg, Marla and Mitchell, Ann and Mitchell, Karen and Zhao, Jane and Ritchey, Gail and White, Dawn and Maitra, Tomara and Roche, Nan and Kanter, Valerie and Marshall, Ellen and Zinanni, Dominic
Russell, Kelly and Kimle, Patricia and Friesen, Christi and Mitchell, Karen and Mitchell, Ann
Russell, Kelly and Therien, C. A. and Berkowitz, Susan and Friesen, Christi and Kimle, Patricia
Russell, Kelly and Wieboldt, Ali and Schwab, Judy and Friesen, Christi


Sanches, Sherri and Tripp, Carole
Sargent, Georgia and Fago, Celie and McRee, Livia
Sawicki, Mark
Scarr, Angie
Schaefer-Parr, Michele and Howdeshell, Rebecca and Marquette, Michelle
Schafer, Ulrike
Schafer, Ulrike and Gibson, Gwen and Kimle, Patricia and Weaver, Kathy
Schaffer, Christy
Schiller, Dawn
Schiller, Laura and Canuel, Kathy and Davenport, Marilyn and Brady, Marlene and Böhmer, Margit and Mabray, Angela and Zhao, Jane
Schiller, Laura and Duval, Jenn and Lavigueur, Dominique and Harden-Martin, Stephania and Tinapple, Cynthia and Donaldson, Hanna Rose and Spruiell, Gloria and Weers, Judi and Defew, Linda
Schiller, Laura J. and Mishly, Iris and Carlson, Maureen and Norden, Inga and Curran, Beth Kazee and Renner, Lisa and Dewey,Tricia and Herren, Michelle
Schmidt, Denyse
Schneidler, Kristin
Schwalble, Louise
Sedaker, Cheryl
Segal, Marie
Segal, Marie and holt, syndee
Segal, Marie and Marshall, Ellen and Dickerson, Jane and Perry, Karen
Segal, Marie and Ryan, Patti
Segal, Marie and Williams, Trina and Ward, Hazel and McMillan, Dottie and Davis, Peggy and Muronaka, Cassy and Mitchell, Karen and Mitchell, Ann
Shearer, Suzanne and Bohannon, Kathy
Shriver, Sarah
Sim, Garie
Simanaitis, Suzanne
Simmons, Marie
Simonet, Louise and Blake, Bambi Doe
Skinner, Judith
Skinner, Judith and Helm, Sarajane
Smith, Bertie and Helm, Sarajane
Sosna, Barbara
Soule, Amanda Blake
Spencer, Amy
Sperling, Barbara
Sperling, Barbara and Kimle, Patricia and Breil, Helen
Squire, Sally and Wynn, Pam
Stone, Terri and Muronaka, Cassy and Kimle, Patricia
Stowell, Charlotte
Stuart, Connie Govea
Swanson, Joann L.


Taormina, Grace
Templeman, Kaye and Weller, Martina and Anderson, Deborah and Segal, Marie and holt, syndee
Therien, C. A.
Thompson, Michele
Thompson, Suzann
Tilov, Dinko
Tilov, Dinko and Tilov, Boris
Tlach, Debbie and Charles, Michele and Cavender, Kim and Blackford, Leslie and Belcher, Judy and Browning-Smith, Tammy L. and Ritchey, Gail and Kelsey, Sue and Maloney, Mary Lynn
Toops, Cynthia
Torborg, Anna
Tourtillot, Suzanne
Tourtillot, Suzanne (Ed.)
Truty, Jackie
Turner, Debbie and Caballero, Cristina and Stanojkovic, Zorana and Whiting, Woodson and Martin, Jennifer and Beaudry, Madeline


Udell, Luann
Udell, Luann and Pedini, Donna and Waitt, Carolyn and Doroshow, Dayle
Udell, Luann and Willard, Jennifer and Schneider, Edie
Uliczny, Christi and Herren, Michelle and Rufener, Shirley and Topina, Eugena and Heller, Lisa and Josten, Jacqueline and Schiller, Laura J.


Van Hemert, Lauren
Verdiere, Catherine and Gilfellen, Pamela and Landt, Elizabeth and Dembinski, Chris and Cavendar, Kim and Vernall, Alan and Rufener, Shirley and Benzon, Jana Roberts and Funfsinn, Nadja and Herren, Michelle
Vernall, Alan
Vettese, Maria Alexandra and Barnes, Stephanie Congdon
Villano, Diane and Cormier, Dan and Holmes, Tracy and Vernall, Alan and Pollack, Nancy and McDill, Layl and Topina, Eugena and Carren, Rachel and Trachy, Dr. Carole Law and Verdiere, Catherine
Vitkus, Jessica
Voulkous, Pier


Wagner, Sydnie
Warner, Linda and Helm, Sarajane
Weaver, Kathy
Weaver, Kathy and Maynor, Mary
Weaver, Kathy and Perry, Karen
Weiss, Lesley
Welker, Bettina
Wells, Krista
Welsh Peterson, Linda
Welsh, Linda
Weltman, Ronna Sarvas
Wessell, Guinevere
White, Betz
Wilkes, Lori
Wilkes, Lori and Couch, Penni Jo and Anderson, Deborah and Vural, Adam and Aleo, Martha and deStefano, Jessica and Mendenhall, Lori and Otterbein, Kim and Dobson Barton, Diane and Stephens, Hilary
Wilkes, Lori and Truesdell, Deborah and Martinez, Maria and Davis, Lynn and Velmachos, Callie and Lowe, Jen
Williams, Viola
Wilson, Charie
Wilson, Debi and Page, Gloria
Wilson, Jean
Winer, Mimi & Jim
Winters, Elise
Wire, CeCe
Withers, Sara
Wizenberg, Molly
Wolfrom, Joen
Woodruff, Sandra
Woolhouse, Candida


Yost, Wilma


Zars, Jackie
Zhao, Jane and Belcher, Judy and Holden, Tina and Landt, Elizabeth and Rufener, Shirley and tetzlaff, byrd and D'Ambrosio, Laurie and Ritchey, Gail and Krucke, Lynn and Bishel, Jody and Daurin-Raynaud, Nathalie and Zinanni, Domini
Zhao, Jane and Lamarque, Ivan I. and Therien, C. A. and Lee, Sue and Houchin, Peggy and Perry, Karen and Atiya, Jackie and Johengen, Carl and Madeiros, Marcela and holt, syndee
Zilliacus, Carol

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