I am Lisa Clarke, owner of Polka Dot Creations and "one-woman-show"


UPDATE: As of December 2012, Polka Dot Creations is no longer in business. I am now devoting my efforts to writing ebooks and making art. You can learn more about all of that at Polka Dot Cottage.

In the meantime, please explore the links above. I am selling downloadable polymer clay ebooks, the free tutorials that were available here are still accessible, and I have an alternate amazon-powered book store that I keep well up-to-date, in case you are wondering what is new and exciting in the world of polymer books.


My introduction to polymer clay came on Christmas Day 1995. It was our first Christmas together, and my husband began a tradition of buying me something crafty to try. The gift he chose was a Klutz Press children's book by Sherri Haab which included a number of small bars of Sculpey III. In the months that followed, I made and gave away an awful lot of little clay heart pendants. I bought myself a few more books, learned some new techniques, and started selling some of my colorful jewelry on the corner of my desk at my "real" job where I was a programmer. Before I knew it, it was Christmas again, and I started making adorable ornaments that I had seen in project books (I did a lot of Cecilia Determan figurines around that time). I'm not sure what my husband's crafty gift was that year - some kind of paper-cutting or something, I think. The clay had taken over. Within a couple of years I was making more interesting jewelry, and designing my own Christmas ornaments.

Leaving the corporate world in the Winter of 2000 to become a mother, I began to concentrate more on my claywork than ever before. I developed a more focused direction, and designed a new web site to show it off. My compulsion to buy every new polymer clay book and video that came along was what induced me to add a book store to my site.

In recent years, I've begun taking an interest in more traditional crafts, such as sewing and knitting, and I've developed a strong interest in photography. I blog about all of these things (and some polymer clay, too) at my personal website, Polka Dot Cottage. You are invited to drop by there and have a cup of tea with me!


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